The North Carolina Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) develops, launches, and enhances partnerships between state government and North Carolina's research and philanthropic sectors. This includes elevating the State's internal capacity to use and generate evidence in its policy and programmatic functions.

To further facilitate this work, OSP is piloting the NC Project Portal to share state agency research needs and to empower people with a way to express interest in partnering to work on those needs.

If you are interested in working on a project, please connect. OSP seeks partners from a wide range of disciplines, reflecting the fact that needs are varied as are the backgrounds and expertise needed to address those needs. Where possible, project summaries include information about what types of expertise are likely needed but if you have an idea for how to contribute that is different or not stated in the summary, please let us know.

After OSP collects expressions of interest, agency partners, research partners, and OSP work together to determine fit and how to best approach the project. OSP prioritizes partnerships that are scalable, sustainable, and develop public, open-source resources.

To learn more about how OSP facilitates cross-sector partnerships, watch the Monthly Connect: North Carolina Office of Strategic Partnerships Information and Resources and visit the OSP website.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NC Office of Strategic Partnerships communicates and checks regularly with Project Portal partners for updates to projects.

This project portal was developed by the NC Office of Strategic Partnerships and The Policy Lab at Brown University. If you have ideas for how to improve it, please let us know!