How should the NC Department of Justice evaluate law enforcement training programs for effectiveness and desired outcomes?

Project started: February 1, 2022
Department or Agency: NC Department of Justice

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Project Overview


Conduct research on the effectiveness of certain training elements and curriculum to change officer behavior and generate desired system outcomes; implement changes to training content, delivery and cadence as necessary.

Planned use of results

Administrative rule change by the Standards Commissions; local agency policy change; state agency policy change.


Training data lives with the North Carolina Justice Academy. The researcher(s) doing this project would help to develop a definition of officer behavior and system outcomes and measure those accordingly.

The project is in progress.

We plan to post results and deliverables when the project is complete. In the meantime, we welcome questions about the project.

Project point of contact

Jasmine McGhee

Senior Deputy Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division Director

Project Team

NC Department of Justice

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