How can North Carolina data from job applications for open positions be used to learn how to most effectively recruit for state government job opportunities?

Project started: January 31, 2022
Department or Agency: NC Office of State Human Resources

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Project Overview


The NC Office of State Human Resources uses a software platform (known as NEOGOV) to publicly post state job opportunities and to collect information from applicants (such as their name, basic demographic information, and resume). This is an exploratory data project, to assess whether and how NEOGOV data from 2016 through 2021 (which includes more than 4 million applications to NC state government) can be leveraged to learn about patterns of job postings and job applications. These learnings could drive insights into how to increase the number and diversity of qualified candidates who apply to any given position.

Anticipated deliverables

  • A report of exploratory analytics.

Planned use of results

Optimizing how job postings are advertised and managed can help more quickly fill job opportunities with more highly qualified candidates.

The project is in progress.

We plan to post results and deliverables when the project is complete. In the meantime, we welcome questions about the project.

Project point of contact

David Yokum

Chief Scientist

NC Office of State Budget & Management and NC Office of Strategic Partnerships

Project Team

NC Office of State Human Resources

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