How can behavioral science improve state government recruiting practices and increase workforce diversity through greater hiring from traditionally underrepresented populations, especially for positions requiring specialized scientific, technical or data knowledge?

Project ended: December 31, 2021
Department or Agency: NC Office of State Human Resources

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Human Resources

Project Overview


The goal of the Increasing Diversity in Government project, a joint project of the Volcker Alliance, the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), NC Office of State Human Resources (NCOSHR), and NC Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP), is to apply insights from the behavioral sciences and rigorous research methodologies to identify best practices in government recruitment to increase diversity in state government workforces.


  • A summary of best practices and implementation plan for state government stakeholders, specifically addressing how state agency HR representatives and college/university partners can use the plan to improve recruitment practices.
  • Behavioral map of North Carolina’s hiring processes.
  • Strategies to improve workforce diversity in the public sector.

Planned use of results

Results can serve as a starting point for identifying ways to enhance North Carolina’s hiring and recruitment practices and to explore the development of new practices.

The project is complete.

We’re eager to learn how you use the results and welcome any questions.

Project point of contact

Kristin Siemek

State Talent Acquisition Manager

NC Office of Human Resources

Project Team

Volcker Alliance

Behavioural Insights Team (BIT)

NC Office of State Human Resources

NC Office of Strategic Partnerships

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